Steve Miller (Afterlife) Mastering Magician!

Not only is Steve Miller (Afterlife) a musical master, he’s a mastering magician too!

If you’re a producer that wants your music to sound the best it can, then this is the place to be… It’s important to say that Steve is definitely a leader in the “I do Not Hyper Compress” gang, so if he’s worked on your track, it can be turned up to any volume and sound crystal clear (sound system and speakers permitting:-)

Find more information about Steve, buy his music and contact him through his website here…

You should also check out his White Isle inspired mix series Balearic Classics on Mixcloud, enjoying number 9 very much right now, great vibe going on!

AFTERLIFE BALEARIC CLASSICS #9 by Afterlife Balearic Classics on Mixcloud

Tim Angrave – The Message EP Promo Mix (Seamless Recordings)

For Tim Angrave’s first release on Seamless we have The Message EP. 4 tracks of high quality deep melodic chill house. The first and title track from the EP is called The Message. With a deep feeling for the like you would normally need a diving suit, this uses emotive low strings as the main basis of the track with a low kick to keep this moving long. add the beautiful arp melody line and this is an excellent emotional track that suits the sunset in Cafe Del Mar a treat. Track 3 on this ep is this track but without the beats to give this even more Sunset appeal.
Track 2 Wavelength is a again another deep track with that chill house factor to it. It’s relaxing and journey like with its fluid arrangement taking the listener on a melodious trip.
The last track 4 is called Your Eyes. Once again we have a four to the floor beat, but don’t let this deceive you in to thinking this is one for the dance floor. With dulcet pads entering at the start of the track its clear this is definitely a deep chill track which uses all the trademarks of chillout but woven over the top of a 4 / 4 beat, thus ensuring the track has energy enough to keep the listener interested but yet not too much so as not to ruin the captivating and thought provoking feeling and emotions of the track.

Track order within this promo mix:
1. The Message (Beatless Mix)
2. Your Eyes
3. Wavelength
4. The Message

Release date 6th October (Beatport)
Pre order (iTunes)…e-ep/id918114925

Danny O – Empty (Tim Angrave Remix) Proof Recordings

Proof Recordings is an insignia of mediterranean cultivation and British seasoning. Established in Ibiza, the spiritual home of house music, the label is the creation of Danny O, an artist of many years and experiences on the island. Proof Recordings will endeavour to deliver the finest music from fresh talents and established virtuosos.

As Proof Recordings begins to gather pace, their third release once again combines vocal talent in the form of singer Thallie Ann Seenyen with well-crafted beats from Danny O as they return with “Empty”.

Tim Angrave provides a deep, emotive remix and perfect compliment to the Original. Thallie’s soulful tones draw influence from Massive Attack, Portishead and Disclosure, while Danny O provides a deep and catchy groove.

Tim Angrave is well know in ambient circles for producing chilled electronic sounds with house undertones. He takes huge inspiration from the music of Ibiza, and has decided to move there for the summer of 2014.

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The Chillout Lounge Mix – Cafe del Mar

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Live sunset mix from Cafe del Mar Ibiza. Brought the sounds and feel down with the sunset from positive chillout to deep then beatless ambient. Big thanks to everyone following The Chillout Lounge Mix, the show has had well over 5 million downloads now!

Strawberry (Invisible Sounds ‘On The Rainbow’ Remix) – Mango

Angels – Valdi Sabev

Anagram – Dousk

Faith In You (Original Mix) – Tim Angrave

Always You – Xemplify

Bushes & Briers – Platform 16

Walking In Faith – Fight Club Boys

The Cure (Sunshine Mix) – Miro

So Long – Polished Chrome

Summer Rain – Sine

Deep River (feat. Jane Maximova) – Lemongrass

Senta (Original Mix) – Blue Pilots Project

Around Arrived (Original Mix) – Chris Zippel

DreamEscape – Tim Angrave

Black Heart – Cloudi

Autumn Leaves (Irresistable Force Mix Trip 1) – Coldcut

Ray – Owen Ear