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Christian Löffler the co-founder of Ki Records, has an album out on the 21st April 2014 called Young Alaska. It’s beautifully deep and melodic with that crossover of happy and sad at the same time.

Also Tokkoi’s album Custom Made World which went straight to number 1 on Beatport’s Chillout Chart and is out on Baroque Records is well worth checking out.

Seamless Recordings has a lot of exciting projects planned, including albums from 9 In Common, Kevin Rankin, T_Mo and Tim Angrave.

  1. Roman – Christian Löffler
  2. Veiled Grey – Christian Löffler
  3. Come Down (Jesse Rose Remix) – Crooked Colours
  4. Vibe Alive – T_Mo
  5. On The Other Side (Interlude) – Deft
  6. Young Alaska – Christian Löffler
  7. 45 Minutes (Original Mix) – Tokkoi
  8. El Deep (Original Mix) – Jarquin & Cano
  9. Kids Play (Stimming Remix) – Ian Pooley
  10. Still (Richy Ahmed Remix) – Katy B
  11. Can You Feel It (Original Mix) – Tim Andresen
  12. Endurance – Amphior
  13. Deep Black (Original Mix) – DKDS
  14. Koi 961 (Jon Silva’s Endless Wait Remix) – Tokkoi
  15. How We Gonna Stop The Time feat. Stee Downs – Kraak & Smaak



The Chillout Lounge Mix – Space

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There have been some very clear nights recently, perfect for stargazing and listening to this mix.
This month I recommend you head over to Sine Music and check out the fantastic Thomas Lemmer, he has a couple of EPs out called Underwater Love and Blissful Mind which include some Tim Angrave remixes.
Also in this episode listen out for the debut EP, Outlaws from Ed Thomas, superb sound and loving the vocals. Crossing Borders from the superb Booka Shade, there are plenty of versions to choose from here, and Corbu Sound who are an electronic indie-rock band from Brooklyn, New York, spearheaded by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Graves.
  1. Underwater Love (Tim Angrave Immersed Remix) – Thomas Lemmer
  2. Warning (Original) – Neuropol
  3. Temporate (Original Mix) – Liston
  4. Starlight Bridge – Addex
  5. California Analog Dream Robag’s Moppa Habex NB) – Vondelpark
  6. Deepest Love (Original Mix) – Distant Relatives JHB
  7. Crossing Borders (Booka’s Other Mix) – Booka Shade ft. Fritz Kalkbrenner
  8. Record Is Over (Original) – Allies For Everyone
  9. We Are Sound (Doorly Remix) – Corbu Sound
  10. Horizon Effect – Lord of the Isles
  11. Hurt (Original) – Ed Thomas
  12. Never Expire (Oliver Tank Remix) – Gossling
  13. Emeralds – Deft
  14. Stand Alone (Original) – Neuropol

Thomas Lemmer – Blissful Mind / Underwater Love EPs (Sine Music)

Two lovely EPs from the fantastic Thomas Lemmer which include a couple of Tim Angrave ambient remixes, always very happy to work with Thomas, he’s a very gifted, warm and talented artist. Released on the sublime Sine Music and available now in iTunes.

iTunes link… Underwater Love
iTunes link… Blissful Mind

The Chillout Lounge Mix – Unity

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Huge thanks to all of you that sent in images of where you like to chill. The Chillout Lounge Recordings music label is starting to take shape, your continued support will be very much appreciated.
The Chillout Lounge’s recommended Album of the Month is by Kokong on Lovezone Records. The Rivers By Cold Mountain LP is 13 deep, but also uplifting tracks which these Swedish producers describe as “Cosmic Consciousness Expressing Itself”. There’s lots more to enjoy on the fabulous Lovezone Records so go and check them out.
Other EPs I highly recommend come from the amazing Kris Menace, The Entirety Of Matter part 2 is stunning! Also Max Million‘s Afterimages EP on TBMr Records.

  1. Symbiosis – Kokong
  2. Rivers By Cold Mountain – Kokong
  3. Navigating The Stars – Alveol & Christoph Kardek
  4. Mirage (Ambient Mix) – Pete Gooding & Jonathan Cowan
  5. Faded (2DotZero Remix) – Retza
  6. Amour Fou (Original) – Kris Menace
  7. Timeless Motion - Alveol & Christoph Kardek
  8. Forgive Me Love – Lorca
  9. Living On The Moon – Ganga feat. Annemarie Zimkoff
  10. Deer Fox – Feathered Sun
  11. Son Dub - Alveol & Christoph Kardek
  12. Keep It Warm – Feathered Sun
  13. The Day I’ve Lost (Original) – Kris Menace
  14. Tonight (Nolan Remix) – The Souls feat. Bnann
  15. If You Knew – Max Million
  16. Fantasy – Gacha
  17. Autumn Saturday (Original Mix) – Distortion Inc.
  18. Mizaru (Nikosf. Eyes Wide Shut Remix) – Lars Leonhard

Max Million – Afterimages (EP on TBMr)

Max Million | afterimages

1. The Rout Of Ellipsis [05:33]

2. Sub Strata [live edit] [04:20]

3. Soundway [05:55]

4. If You Knew [02:18]

Very exciting release coming out on the 14th Feb 2014 from the super talented Max Million After multiple features on various label compilations including Ultimae records , here comes Afterimages, Max Million’s first EP on TBMr Records (Official Website).

Often described as unlabeled, his music explores a unique symbiosis of melodic acoustic & electronic sounds, atmospheric soundscapes, set to the backdrop of downtempo rhythms & sprinkled with optimism filtered melancholy

He remains dedicated to the learning-process in order to explore further frontiers of sound design.

Audio mastering by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studio

Photo credits by Athanasia Stavropoulou Video Teaser by KOMMAK

released 14 February 2014

TBMR014 – © & ℗ 2014 TBMr Records.

DeepWit Sessions – Alvaro Hylander

Dedicated to quality and consistency in the realm of all things deep and soul tingling in electronic music. DeepWit Recordings caters towards noncommercial, resonant, innovative and intelligent deep house sound. Bringing together talented producers from around the world who with their music will inspire your soul. The label was born out of a passion and love of all things deep and needing to share that passion with other like minded individuals through the release of quality tracks.

Always deep, delicious and sensual music from DeepWit’s Alvaro Hylander, who along with Sierra Hylander runs this quality label. To find out more, support and enjoy, head over here…

Beatport, Bandcamp and

Lovezone Records Mixes

Lovezone Records is celebrating six years of existence now. The label was founded in 2008 by Christoph Kardek & Ocean Gaya, two very passionate djs / producers.

Very nice deep mixes here from both Christoph and Ocean Gaya, enjoy and check out their labels sublime music at Beatport, Bandcamp or

The Chillout Lounge Mix – Wishes

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 Deep House United is a collaboration of 10 superb labels from the likes of Pesto Music, DeepWit, Lemongrassmusic, Colour & Pitch and has a great selection of deep sensual sounds. The first 3 tracks in this mix are from the album which is available in Beatport now.
Also in this episode you’ll here Groove Armada’s Andy Cato who’s remixed a track called Zsa Zsa by Blamma! Blamma! This one’s out on Eskimo Recordings soon, you’ll be able to get this on vinyl too. 
keep an ear out for a track from Chris Menace‘s album The Entirety Of Matter. Chris has had a busy 2013, releasing a disco album under the project name Stars On 33, a Love On Laserdiscalbum, an indie-pop project called Cut Glass with Maxwell Cooke and 2014 will see his collaboration with Simon Lord who’s an MTV awarded singer and ex-Simian and Black Ghosts vocalist.
I’d like to thank everyone who has followed and enjoyed The Chillout Lounge Mix. I’ve decided to start The Chillout Lounge music label this year and have some superb artists lined up. I would love to invite you to be involved with this as much as possible, come and find me on Facebook or email and share any images of where you like to listen to the show. Do you have a favourite iconic looking chair, do you like to travel when you listen? The images may be used for covers and will help to shape the look of the label.

  1. Restless Tranquility (Original Mix) – Savvas
  2. Bumbled (Alvaro Hylander Remix) – Ejeca
  3. All Of You (Nuno Estevez Remix) – Thorne Miller
  4. Zsa Zsa (Catos Retouch) – Blamma Blamma feat. Kristina Train
  5. White Lies (Original) – Kris Menace
  6. Time – James Bright feat. Helen Walford
  7. Ground – Rounds
  8. Inside Me (Bicycle Corporation Remix) – Alex ElVil
  9. Pretend Ur Mine – Mokadem
  10. Dunt U – Mokadem
  11. Faith In You (Riccicomoto’s Electric Session) – Tim Angrave
  12. Overdue (Original Mix) – The Tailors feat. Ashibah
  13. DNA (Riccicomoto Boogie Dub Session) – DefinitelyBAD
  14. Sentopea (Riccicomoto Rmx) – Goran Tehnofonika
  15. Flieg Los feat. Neve – Paskal & Urban Absolutes
  16. Echtzeit (Tim Angrave Remix) – Klangstein
  17. Like A Drug (ComixXx Remix) – Alex Barck feat. Stee Downes

The Chillout Lounge Mix – Destiny

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  1. Freeze (Original Mix) – Moko
  2. Hey Now (Smak (aka Steve McCready) Interstellar Remix) – London Grammar
  3. Going On – Manu Zain
  4. Love Inc (Original Mix) – Booka Shade
  5. Take Your Time (Phonic Scoupe Vocal Remix) – Michael King
  6. JoJo (Levitation Remix) – Hiding Jekyll
  7. Round & Round (Tim Angrave Ambient Version) – Ryan Farish feat. Mari’ Digby
  8. Summon The Strength (Original Mix) – Moko
  9. Near Light – Olafur Arnalds
  10. What Are You Waiting For – Good Natured Threat
  11. Said And Done – Nils Frahm
  12. Euphoria – Paskal & Urban Absolutes
  13. Hands – Marcus Loeber
  14. Doubter feat. Jonatan Backelie – Alex Barck