The Chillout Lounge Mix – Journey

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Celebrating festively with over 6 million downloads. Enjoy the end of 2014 and have a great start to 2015, hope it is a great year ahead for you all!

  1. El Diablo (Adana Twins Remix) – Human Life & Anabel Englund
  2. Empty Road (Tim Angrave Journey Mix) – Mesake feat. Indre Ju
  3. Dem Howl (Joris Voorn Remix) – Audion feat. Troels Abrahamsen
  4. I Can’t (Original Version) – Abstraxion
  5. Everywhere (Electronic Youth Remix) – MYNC & Mario Fischetti feat. Deborah Cox
  6. Everyone (Sonic Future Remix) – Yves Murasca & Ron Carroll
  7. Paramour (Original Mix) – Jody Wisternoff
  8. I Just Want You (Original Mix) – Fairchild
  9. The Monk – Joris Voorn
  10. Left – Joris Voorn
  11. Falling – Synkro
  12. Key (Tim Angrave Beatless Remix) – The Echo Brothers feat. Kim Wayman

The Chillout Lounge Mix – 6 Million Downloads / 22nd in Top UK iTunes Audio Podcasts

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A huge thank you to all the listeners of The Chillout Lounge Mix and all the artists / labels for sharing your wonderful music. The show has had over 6 Million Downloads and is also at number 22 in the Top UK iTunes Audio Podcasts which is fantastic! Feeling very happy and grateful to have connected with a lot of amazing people along the way, I’ve had many heart warming messages and it’s a lovely feeling being able to reach out to so many people worldwide in the universal language, through this amazing thing we call music.

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Mesake feat. Indre Ju – Empty Road (Tim Angrave Journey Mix) DeepWit Recordings

In the midst of the changing of seasons, we bring back another lusciously deep and haunting track from Mesake featuring the talented vocals of Indre Ju. The vibrant and unique combination the two artists have struck together in their work, leaves little to be desired if you are a fan of Indie and Indie Dance styled music. The moodiness is dialed down in the more dubbed out version that comes from one of our favourite DJ’s, Tim Angrave, who spent his summer as a resident DJ at Cafe Del Mar. The last remix is from Alvaro Hylander, who offers up a fusion of both his signature Deep House sound and the original’s more Indie roots feel. If you are after some tracks to hit the repeat button on or something to impress your hipster Indie friends while giving them a taste of quality Deep House, you’ve found the release you’re looking for. Mixing Engineer – nikosf.

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Danny O – Empty (Tim Angrave Remix) Proof Recordings

Proof Recordings is an insignia of mediterranean cultivation and British seasoning. Established in Ibiza, the spiritual home of house music, the label is the creation of Danny O, an artist of many years and experiences on the island. Proof Recordings will endeavour to deliver the finest music from fresh talents and established virtuosos.

As Proof Recordings begins to gather pace, their third release once again combines vocal talent in the form of singer Thallie Ann Seenyen with well-crafted beats from Danny O as they return with “Empty”.

Tim Angrave provides a deep, emotive remix and perfect compliment to the Original. Thallie’s soulful tones draw influence from Massive Attack, Portishead and Disclosure, while Danny O provides a deep and catchy groove.

Tim Angrave is well know in ambient circles for producing chilled electronic sounds with house undertones. He takes huge inspiration from the music of Ibiza, and has decided to move there for the summer of 2014.

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The Chillout Lounge Mix – Play

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Christian Löffler the co-founder of Ki Records, has an album out on the 21st April 2014 called Young Alaska. It’s beautifully deep and melodic with that crossover of happy and sad at the same time.

Also Tokkoi’s album Custom Made World which went straight to number 1 on Beatport’s Chillout Chart and is out on Baroque Records is well worth checking out.

Seamless Recordings has a lot of exciting projects planned, including albums from 9 In Common, Kevin Rankin, T_Mo and Tim Angrave.

  1. Roman – Christian Löffler
  2. Veiled Grey – Christian Löffler
  3. Come Down (Jesse Rose Remix) – Crooked Colours
  4. Vibe Alive – T_Mo
  5. On The Other Side (Interlude) – Deft
  6. Young Alaska – Christian Löffler
  7. 45 Minutes (Original Mix) – Tokkoi
  8. El Deep (Original Mix) – Jarquin & Cano
  9. Kids Play (Stimming Remix) – Ian Pooley
  10. Still (Richy Ahmed Remix) – Katy B
  11. Can You Feel It (Original Mix) – Tim Andresen
  12. Endurance – Amphior
  13. Deep Black (Original Mix) – DKDS
  14. Koi 961 (Jon Silva’s Endless Wait Remix) – Tokkoi
  15. How We Gonna Stop The Time feat. Stee Downs – Kraak & Smaak