What is The Chillout Lounge Mix?

The Chillout Lounge Mix is a global movement based in the U.K and Ibiza, the home of chillout. The ethos of TCLM is sharing emotions through the language of music to connect, comfort and inspire people in a positive way.

The influence of the beautiful island of Ibiza is clear in the music and also visually, this crossover of sound and vision is extremely powerful, the Balearic sunsets are hugely inspirational, as is the island life, creativeness, variety and warmth of the people.

Starting as a music podcast that has built up a worldwide following with millions of listeners. The Chillout Lounge Mix is very happy to expand the positive movement. After receiving many kind messages along the way, of how the music is great for hanging out, chilling, relaxing, running and even healing I thought it would be a great idea to make this website a place to further promote health and also offer extra music.

More about your host: 

The producer, DJ and broadcaster Tim Angrave has always had a deep passion for emotive music, with inspirations from different styles of music, people and environments, past and present.

Tim is involved with various radio stations globally, he has a highly prosperous iTunes podcast called ‘The Chillout Lounge Mix’ which has had over 10 million downloads, it’s included new talent and an array of world class artists. His unique style of mixing various genres, track selection and ability to work closely with the artists and labels he includes on his show have been a big part of this success story. Tim’s proficiency to compile, present and promote music has gained him huge respect from the industry with many keen to work with him. Tune into Pioneer DJ Radio and Ibiza Live Radio for his weekly show Deep Connections which has had great feedback.

Tim has a full length album out on the well respected label, Lemongrassmusic and has been involved with many releases from chillout, ambient to deep house and electronic, working with Pete Gooding, Lenny Ibizarre, Babak Shayan, Tyrell D, Ryan Farish, Thomas Lemmer, Danny O. Label releases on Lemongrassmusic, Seamless Recordings, Stripped Recordings, DeepWit, Sine Music and more

2014 Tim made the move to the inspirational island of Ibiza where his balearic sound is inspired from. After a highly successful collaboration and sunset DJ residency with Cafe del Mar Ibiza, he catapulted into DJing at events and private parties worldwide. 2015 Tim started a residency at the locals favourite, Hostal La Torre Ibiza, the most spectacular sunset view on the White Isle and a true home to chilled music. 2016 sees a new project called I AM YOU which is a full on lively experience with a message of togetherness, with Tim’s girlfriend Marta DLM, a very respected and renowned music mind.

As well as being one of the few sunset DJ specialists, he is highly adaptable, mixing various genres of electronic music, so just as happy at a festival or rocking a club. His ability to connect, share emotions through sound along with technical know how and experience enable him to create stunning atmospheres.